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Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There's a lot of talk about what a green carpet cleaning solution really is. In my view, a green cleaning solution shouldn't hurt the environment nor any living species it comes in contact with.

As an industry teacher and business owner whose main theme is green that I encounter people from all walks of life that want my opinion about this subject. The most important concern of the people I talk to would be " is the cleaning process going to harm my children or my pets? " The conversation is seldom concerning the environment. Even though most non-toxic solutions are safe for the environment, it is not a given. The products that I feel the most comfortable using our products that have been verified protected by independent third-party groups for example Design for the Environment (DfE), EcoLogo program, Green Seal and Envirodesic.

You also need to consider the carpet mills themselves are currently insisting that you clean your carpets with a product approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval Program (CRI SOA). The CRI SOA gives strong consideration to how green a product is.

There has been a little resistance by the chemical manufacturers to get their products tested by CRI SOA. When the program started 21 of 25 products tested failed to fulfill the CRI SOA's stringent performance demands. In plain english, this means they performed worse than water for carpet cleaning. This is all the more reason to use products with the Seal of Approval.

I like using products produced from renewable resources. There are exceptional food based carpet cleaning solutions available. These products are manufactured from 100% FDA approved food ingredients. They are readily biodegradable. Readily biodegradable means the product is 99.7% bio-degraded in 28 days.

There are several products that are botanical and many refer to these products as bio-based. There are product lines that use nanotechnology. These are usually made from extracts from crops like corn, soy, grain, potatoes and trees. However, you must be prudent in what you pick.

There are many men and women who talk about there process being green but they use products that are citrus based. The main ingredient is frequently d`limonene and although in the natural renewable resource is considered a terpene.This is by the same group of chemicals turpentine comes out of. So be wary of people's claims. To sum it up, if you want confidence your carpet is being "cleaned green" and it won't damage the fibers make sure that you see the CRI Seal of Approval and some proof that an independent third party has approved it.